Biennale Interactive de Sculpture Contemporaine en Bourgogne 2017, Nolay, France (1.-13.7.2017)

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Argillà Italia 2016, Faenza (2.-4.9. 2016), Italy

KERAMIKMUSEUM WESTERWALD, Flair Méditerranée, Höhr-Grenzhausen (7.6.-27.7.2014), Germany

Castle Litice - Litice nad Orlicí (permanent exhibition in the castle), 2014

Terránia, Montblanc

MIKS13 - golden pl.

European Award


Jaroslav Šafr’s ceramic objects and drawings are characterised by softly pronounced architectural elements. They frequently contain figurative elements which evoke various structures of a decaying wall. His artworks are mainly made of burnt clay mixed with fireclay, which brings out the natural character of the material as such. His main source of inspiration became the northern parts of Bohemia where one can find beautiful nature as well as many dilapidated churches and old German factories which harmonically fit in their surroundings.

5° Concorso Biennale Internazionale di Ceramica Tra Tradizione e Modernità

Museum Beroun

Gallery Pekařská

Nove (Italy) 2013

Exhibition in Gallery "Malovaný dům" Třebíč, 16.4. - 7.6.2015


Jaroslav Šafr Atelier
Třída 9.května 850/21
408 01 Rumburk
Czech Republic
+420 777 306 116 safr.jaroslav(at)